Knowing More languages means knowing the humanity

Knowing more than one language expands one’s knowledge of culture, traditions of the people of the world we live in.

Knowledge of languages really takes you out of that uni-cultural, uni-traditional box and opens the window of opportunity to exploring the beauty of other peoples’ way of living differently, way of speaking differently, way of thinking differently. As a personal experience, it gives me the ability to understand other people who speak and think different than me. Since language is the only means or tool that human beings use to communicate thoughts, express feelings and understand each other, therefore, advantages of knowing more than one language are many. It gives us the ability to understand better other peoples’ thoughts and feelings with totally a different culture and tradition. Every thought, feeling and cultural traits of a people are embedded with the language of that people. Knowing other peoples’ language means, understanding their thoughts and feelings and what could be more beautiful than this type of human connection with the people of the world.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Animals and Insects in Pashto



Knowing More languages means knowing the humanity



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